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Boys High School Box Lacrosse League


Learn Box Lacrosse with Coaches Brandon Boss and Brooks Sweet

Sunday, September 19th
at the Blue Tornado Box Lacrosse Field located at the Space Coast Iceplex in Rockledge
Boys Grades 9 and 10:  8:45- 10:15 am
Boys grades 11 and 12: 10:30  am - 12:00 pm

Welcome Box Lacrosse Director and Coach Brandon Boss

We are committed to not only providing a quality facility and league operations for high school players to enjoy all the benefits that box lacrosse has to offer, but teaching the kids how to play the game properly. 

To that end, please welcome our new Box Lacrosse Director and Coach Brandon Boss.  Coach Boss is the current General Manager of the semi-professional Orlando Rockets box lacrosse team, Assistant Coach at West Orange High School and Lacrosse Club Orlando Youth Coach as well as a 20515 NCAA National Champion as a defenseman at Limestone College (2015-2019).

High School Box Lacrosse League

Pre-League Clinic for all Registered Players

  • No additional cost, included in registration fee
  • Instructed by Coach Boss and Coach Brooks Sweet (4 year box lacrosse ex-professional)
  • Learn proper box lacrosse techniques (how to set picks, 1v1 attacking and defending, offensive ball movement and more) and tactics (offense and defense setups, pick plays and more)
  • Sunday September 19between 9:00am - 11:00 pm 


  • Week 1 of the season will be a preseason game in order to ensure players and coaches know the game rules, run substitutions correctly and, in general, get all the kinks out.

Game Day Format: 

  • All games operated by Coach Boss and staff
  • On Field Players: 4 v 4 plus goalies
  • Game Time: 4, 12 minute quarters
  • Shot Clock: 45 second shot clock in opposition's half of field
  • 10 Second Violation:  Teams have 10 seconds to advance ball out of defensive half of field
  • Face Offs:   To start every quarter.  
  • Body Checks:  Are allowed below the neck and above the waist; players are not allowed to body check a player into the boards
  • Cross Checks:  Are not allowed.  However the shaft of the stick may be used as a defensive tool to push a player 
  • Goal Crease:  Only the goalie can stand in this area with the ball. Shooters or their teammates can not stand on (or inside) the line or their goal won’t count. Any violation of this rule will disallow the goal. If a player is diving into the crease on a shot, the ball has to cross the goal line before any part of their body touches the crease.
  • Full set of rules will be provided to each player prior to the start of the season.  

Dates / Times:

  • Clinic September 19, 9:00am-11:00am
  • Games Monday evenings 5:00, 6:00, 7:00 or 8:00 start times
  • September 27 to December 20.  No games  November 22

Cost / Registration Options:

  • $50 / player or $300/team.  REGISTRATION DEADLINE IS SEPTEMBER 22. 
  • Individual registrations will be placed on a team and a coach will be provided
  • Team registrations can provide their own coach or request a coach be provided; a minimum of 7 players are need for a team
  • Team registrations - all players must complete an individual registration in order to be eligible for participation